David Harber

Navigate Rough Waters

Life can change in an instant with a startling medical diagnosis or unforeseen injury. Those afflicted often find themselves in a maze of appointments,...

Heels’ Hidden Dangers

Stilettos may look glamorous, but they could be the culprit of immediate and long-term pain.

Stopping The Cough

Oklahoma ranks at the bottom of the list for cases of whooping cough.

Back To Treatment

Back pain can be a minor nuisance or an agonizing condition. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke cites back pain as the...

Finding the Words

Successfully communicating with the world around us is a skill most take for granted. But for those who have aphasia after suffering a stroke,...

Sweeping Down The Plain

Whether they are a seasonal nuisance or a year-round affliction, allergies can wreak havoc on daily lives. And unfortunately for Oklahomans, we may have...

The Sunshine Vitamin

As we’ve said goodbye to summer and welcomed fall, many of us will be spending less time outdoors and less time soaking in the...

Forever Fit

Living a healthy lifestyle is attainable at any age.

Healthy Heart

Experts offer five ways to fend off heart disease, America’s leading cause of death.

Easing the Pain of Loss

Hospice care can assist patients and families.