Travel Traps

An illness or injury can turn your pleasant summer getaway into the vacation from hell. Smart travelers know this can be avoided with just...

Hot, Hot Springs

Visitors still flock to the spa city’s healing waters.

The Meatless Argument

Ditching meat for healthy vegetarian options once in a while can have a positive impact on health.

The Scientific Method

Call it bringing your work home. When Luke and Pamela Szweda, both research scientists, decided to build a home, their main requirement was for...

Make ‘Em Laugh

Laughter can keep you happier and healthier.

Warm Weather Aspen

Colorado’s winter wonderland is rich in spring and summer.

Go Fish

Adding omega-3 to your diet can foster a healthy heart.

Living in Color

A Tulsa-based designer finds inspiration in juxtaposed designs.

Laid-back, Luxurious Los Cabos

Between two saints lies a place that is known as a paradise for sport fishing and a haven for celebrities looking for a good...

Touch Those Toes

While we are often reminded of the benefits of daily exercise, the importance of regular stretching can go unnoticed. Flexibility training can be key...