Full of Surprises

Tucked between the Ouachita National Forest and the Arkansas River lies an old town with some unusually progressive elements. Poteau pitches itself as “Above the...

Huzzah to the Azores

Nine hundred miles west of Portugal lie the Azores, an archipelago paradise that the world is finally discovering. This Hawaii of the Atlantic is a...

A Phoenix Rising

For 67 years, the Tulsa Club was a downtown icon of wealth and sophistication. Beginning in 1927 as an elite gentleman’s club and designed by...

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Phyllis Gardner has changed her mind about a few activities since going to live at Inverness Village, a retirement community in Tulsa. “I made fun...


Life’s a Beach

Photography by Josh New Models Jessi and Rob courtesy Selah Model and Company Bathing suits courtesy Dillard’s and Travers Mahan Accessories, shoes and handbags courtesy Dillard’s, Saks...

Get Spotted

Photos by Natalie Green except Erdem image

The Perennial Blossom

Photos by Natalie Green except runway and Versace images