Get Spotted

Photos by Natalie Green except Erdem image

The Perennial Blossom

Photos by Natalie Green except runway and Versace images


Faudree’s Legacy Lives

Interior designer, renowned expert in traditional French country decor, author and philanthropist Charles Faudree left an enduring legacy for the city of Tulsa after...

Moving an Institution

Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels is a name with which many native Tulsans and newcomers alike have become familiar. Customers have patronized its Utica Square...

What’s in a Name?

Slaughterville was not the most elegant name for a town, local residents had to admit. Some even toyed with the idea of changing it...

Legacy of an Outlaw

People can see lots of Starrs in and around Eufaula and its namesake lake. Belle Starr Grill. Belle Starr Hideaway Inn. Belle Starr Campground. Belle...

Getting Away from the Beach

Punta Cana, on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, has become a fast favorite for vacationers young and old. While mostly known for...

Cultivating Creative Collaboration

David Littlefield, chief operating officer at Littlefield Agency, wanted to create a fresh, upscale image at the Tulsa advertising firm’s headquarters that would inspire...