Reclaiming Fruitcake

A local baker turns a maligned holiday food into a delicious treat.

Farm Fresh Gourmet

Chef Justin Thompson’s latest endeavor brings his exacting attention to detail and celebration of local ingredients to downtown Tulsa.

Downtown Italian

Trattoria il Centro brings Oklahoma City classic Italian food with a contemporary sensibility.

Breakfast in Jakarta

A traditional Indonesian rice dish brings nutrition to the morning.

Get Lucky

Brian Schwartz visits Lucky's Restaurant on Tulsa's Cherry Street.

East Coast Style

Rococo makes diners an offer they can’t refuse.

Dine With A Celebrity

Tulsa mainstay, Celebrity Restaurant, keeps regulars coming back for top-quality fare.

Peruvian Pleasure

Drinking and travel go together like unemployment and screenwriting; one tends to precede the other. I’ll let you figure out which. However, a joy...

Continental Creations

Outside TiAmo Restaurant in south Tulsa, the sun blazes down, but owner Mehdi Khezri looks dapper as ever. He’s photographing entrees for his new...

Opus Prime Steakhouse

With its old Chicago-style high ceilings, dark wood and lavish alabaster chandelier, Bill Wilson’s Opus Prime Steakhouse offers a tradition of fine dining, impeccable...