When School Becomes A Game

Though the football jock, high school cheerleader and star of the school play make for great caricatures in cinema, individuals often overlook the practical...

Choosing a Senior Home

Father Time is inevitable. He comes for our youth and replaces it daily with gray hairs and a wrinkle or two. As these golden...

Men of a Certain Age

The idea of “male menopause” may not be an accurate description, but testosterone levels do affect aging men.

Break A Leg

After almost 100 years, Oklahoma community theater is still alive and well.

Forever Young

Oklahoma Magazine looks at the myths and reality about aging and how you can prepare now to be your best in old age.

Arts Preview

Broadway in Tulsa As a company that has been bringing brilliant Broadway shows to Tulsa for over thirty years, Celebrity Attractions continues to grow its...

40 Under 40 2017

There’s an energy in Oklahoma – an energy that convinces many of the state’s natives to stay and invest in their communities. This powerful...

Homicidal Monsters Lurk

Killings most foul are committed on average every four to five days in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. About 90 percent of all homicides are...

Great Companies To Work For

Ask 100 people what makes a great company, and you’ll get 100 unique answers. Health insurance, paid time off, retirement contributions, a company car...

40 Under 40

Oklahoma Magazine presents the 2012 Class of outstanding young professionals.