Retirement Revise

Is the 401(k) still the most effective retirement tool?
Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks. Photo courtesy of Team Takedown.

The Contender

One of the fastest growing sports worldwide, the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship – began as a brutal, no-holds-barred sideshow experiment in 1993 and...

A Different Luxury Condo

Storing your stuff can seem mundane. For some, the idea evokes images of packed-to-the-ceiling closets or crammed cabinets, drawers and garages. Or maybe you...

Extraordinary Hannah

At an age when most children proclaimed they wanted to be astronauts or the president when they grew up, children’s book author and illustrator...

Who Says I’m Single?

Our local celebrity D-lister explains why he said thanks, but no thanks, Oklahoma Magazine.

STEM Reaches New Heights

Changes in technology mean our world faces very complex problems that require skilled science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) personnel, says Dr. Ina Agnew,...

Natural-Born Killer

The Eastern Red-cedar’s role in Oklahoma wildfires is not easily understood.

Tall in the Saddle

For as long as he can remember, Mike Marcellus has been around horses, saddles and the art of saddlery. “I grew up in southern Texas,”...

Who’s Flying The Plane?

Oklahoma State University now offers a master’s degree in unmanned aerial systems.