Faces of Oklahoma 2018


The Face of Medicinal Cannabis Clinics

Left to right: Whitney Wehmeyer, Larissa Darnaby, Dr. Jason Sims and Perry Jones III. Photo by Josh New

Tulsa Higher Care Clinic

Tulsa Higher Care Clinic is the first medical practice to start seeing eligible patients for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Program. This compassionate, patient-centered organization provides comprehensive medical consultations for the use of medical cannabis. Patients will be seen by Dr. Jason Sims, who will determine whether medical cannabis treatment would be of benefit for a patient’s medical condition, especially if the patient has not found substantial relief from medications such as opiates and/or invasive conventional medical procedures. Unlike traditional modes of therapy, the use of THC with high cannabidiol (CBD) content and/or medical cannabis has proved to be a safer, low-risk, naturally therapeutic alternative for a multitude of chronic and debilitating medical conditions and ailments. At Tulsa Higher Care Clinic (THC2), patients can see a recommending doctor to begin establishing a bona fide or ongoing relationship, as outlined in the rules and regulations of Oklahoma State Question 788.

  • 3321 S. Yale Ave.
    Tulsa | 918.619.9393