Letter From The Editor


shutterstock_122092855What do you want to do? Quit smoking? Get in shape? Drop a few pounds? Be an overall better person?

You’re not alone. According to information from The History Channel, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, the most popular being losing weight, getting organized and saving more money. Most who make those resolutions work toward them through the first four weeks of the year, but by six months, more than half have abandoned their goals.

New Year’s resolutions are tricky. It’s tempting to take the opportunity to transform ourselves, to kick those bad habits and adopt new ones. However, that idealism can set us up for failure. In this issue, we hear from experts about ways to ensure success with New Year’s resolutions. From keeping realistic expectations to keeping the drive alive, we discuss ways to improve your chances of improving yourself.

Also in this issue: The holidays regularly bring droves of newly engaged men and women to the bridal marketplace. Oklahoma Magazine seeks to make that marketplace more manageable with the annual Oklahoma Wedding special section. With everything from gowns and flowers to cakes and catering ideas, we bring the latest trends in the wedding industry into one handy issue.

This also coincides with the Oklahoma Wedding Show, Oklahoma Magazine’s annual expo of premier wedding vendors who can make your big day the best day of your life. Join us on Jan. 16 at the Expo Square Central Park Hall in Tulsa for this day of fashion, cake tasting and Q&A sessions with wedding experts.