2015 Top Doctors



Children are taught at a very early age that doctors are healers. Whether it’s a bump on the head or an earache, a visit to the doctor can be scary but reassuring when we are young.

As we age, however, the visits are for more serious causes: a found lump, an irregular mole, unexplained fatigue. But still, we look to doctors, with their white coats of hope, to diagnose, inform and reassure us. Navigating a world of medical tests and procedures is scary, but having a compassionate and skilled physician at our sides makes it much easier.

Oklahoma is home to thousands of physicians whose practices range from primary care to specialties like rheumatology and surgery. The physicians recognized in the 2015 Top Doctors list have been chosen by peers who believe these 155 individuals represent the best in providing medical care in the state. We encourage readers to use this list to help make informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their family.

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