College Basketball


Oklahoma has had plenty of basketball excitement this year already with the OKC Thunder’s big push for the NBA championship. But for those fans professing to “only watch college basketball,” the year is just winding up all over again as men’s and women’s ball teams battle to see who will end up on the grid headed for the merry month of March Madness. Long-term, fans watch their favorite teams and players to see their chances for the finals or a conference title, or at least a good season. All the while, they also watch the competition to keep an eye on players rising in the ranks. Pro teams are watching, too, for rookies with potential to turn a team around. When it comes down to it, everyone will have eyes on college basketball in November. Whether you’re for OU, OSU, TU, ORU or any other team, consider yourself drafted into a national, fabulous obsession. Want to see more? Check out these websites for rosters, schedules and the scoop:



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