The Face of OB/GYN

Dr. Melanie Blackstock, MD

SDr. Melanie Blackstock grew up in Southern California and attended the University of California at Berkeley before graduating from the University of Oklahoma Medical School and serving her OB/GYN residency at the University of Massachusetts. “I have found the passion of my life in the practice of medicine in Tulsa,” Blackstock says. “We have a simple premise: make available to every woman the health resources she needs to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. My thrill at each unique delievery has only gotten sharper through the years. I have delivered thousands of babies, and it is never the same – always such an exciting miracle.” Blackstock says surgery has evolved rapidly in the past 20 years – when she was originally hired, it was for her expertise in vaginal and laparoscopic technique, and she says she never dreamed she would routinely be using robotics in hundreds of surgeries, helping women get back to their routines in days, rather than weeks. Blackstock treats patients with hormone replacement therapy, explaining that hormones can be a key component to our health. She notes, however, that many women cannot use hormones, which can impact their sexual and urological health. Her first foray into office lasers began with the Mona Lisa Touch, which is the only technology available to treat pain and atrophy of the vagina and vulva, and she says the results have been phenomenal. Because nutritional and weight problems are a significant cause of illness and unhappiness, Blackstock says she has had Nutrition Resources, an extraordinary group of dieticians, in her office for several years. She has also added Sculpsure, a laser-based fat removal system. “I have felt very fortunate to live in Tulsa, and I have felt privileged to be President of the Heartland Division of the American Heart Association and on its board for 10 years and privileged for the opportunity to bring Go Red For Women to Tulsa. I also feel supremely honored to be selected a Best Doctor by my peers and a Best of the Best by my patients.”

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