2014 Faculty Great Lecture Series � The Scientific Method as it Applies to the Science of Economics

The University of Tulsa Department of Continuing Education and Division of Lifelong Learning will present the 2014 Faculty Great Lecture Series Changing Oklahoma, featuring three lectures Feb. 20 through March 4 on the TU campus. All events are free and open to the public.  

The Scientific Method as it Applies to the Science of Economics

March 4, 6:30 p.m., Allen Chapman Activity Center, Great Hall

Economics Professors Chad Settle, Scott Carter, Yusi Ouyang and Matthew Hendricks

This will be a four-part presentation. Part One will focus on how professionals in economics “know what they know” through a discussion of the basic components of social science research, hypothesis development, and the elements of a valid theory.

Part Two will focus on the competing theoretical models used in science of economics, namely the right libertarian perspective, the standard mainstream approach, and the left-Keynesian/Classical approach.

Part Three will focus on the tools and statistical methods used by economists to understand and predict economic behavior and the impact of economics on policy development.

Part Four will focus on how empirical results have either confirmed or conflicted with standard theoretical models in economics. This presentation will include a discussion of such issues as the effect of minimum wages on employment, the effects of unemployment benefits on unemployment rates, and the effects of monetary incentives on individual behavior. 


Admission: Free
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