Always on the Mind

The just-released Always is Dwight Twilley’s first new disc in a little over three years, and one listen tells you that he put a...

Mutilations Ruminations

In the course of her job as an accounting analyst at a Tulsa-area oil and gas company, it’s very unlikely that Shelly Reynolds comes...

Tulsa’s Western Swing Renaissance

Musicians old and young are bringing Tulsa’s indigenous music form back home.

A Guide To Yesteryear

If you grew up around Tulsa anytime from the mid-‘50s through the early part of the ‘70s and you were at all aware of...

The Guitar Guy

One of the things I’ve learned in my decades of writing about Oklahoma’s great rock ‘n’ roll-era musicians is that they are, with a...


When it comes to creepy settings, Salem has nothing on Poteau.

Still Rumbling

I thought I was using myths to write a story. Turned out that I used a story to write a myth. – S.E. Hinton, from...

Like Father, Like Son

Untold numbers of Oklahomans have streamed into Nashville for decades with tunes in their hearts, stars in their eyes and lyrics scribbled in their...

The Name Game

Shelby Eicher and sons team up to form Mischievous Swing.

Surf, Sand And Oklahoma

One Oklahoma boy created the California sound of Ronny and the Daytonas.