Social Datebook 2015

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Now More Than Ever

When it comes to covering philanthropic events and charitable giving, let Oklahoma Magazine be your guide. Firmly committed to philanthropy in all its many forms, we spotlight as many causes as possible each year. As part of this commitment, we proudly present the 2015 Social Datebook, the most comprehensive list of fundraising events in both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas. This annual guide to charitable events is your path to a variety of benefits – from galas and dinner to concerts and festivals. Whether it’s a black-tie affair or a 5k run, there’s an event for everyone to make life a little better for Oklahomans everywhere.

Nonprofit organizations reach out to help families and individuals with assistance, including childcare necessities, home repairs, job programs for the disabled and scholarships for students. Nonprofits, however, cannot do it alone. They need your help to make the most impact in their communities. Fundraiser events are a tool that offers a fun experience of giving to a worthy cause. Everybody wins.

Whether you give by a monetary donation or by volunteering your time, the difference you make for nonprofits and the people they help goes a long way. In these pages, you will find articles with useful tips and information from fundraising professionals about charitable giving. You’ll also find a list of fundraiser events ordered by date and location.

I hope you will make the most of the information contained in Oklahoma Magazine’s 2015 Social Datebook and use it as a starting point to give generously to your community.

Vida Schuman
Publisher and Founder

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