Social Datebook 2016

Now More Than Ever

Giving to others is part of the fabric of Oklahoma. During times of disaster, either natural or manmade, and crisis, our state comes together to help those in need.

Now, more than ever, the state’s 17,000-plus nonprofit organizations need help. Organizations that provide social services to the challenged and disadvantaged are helping an increased number of individuals in our communities. More and more Oklahomans are being diagnosed with diseases and conditions that need cures; numerous organizations in the state raise funds for research and to assist those afflicted. Nonprofits based in Oklahoma also reach beyond our state’s – and even country’s – borders to aid the plights of those suffering throughout the world.

Money isn’t the only way to give. Sure, these organizations appreciate cash donations, but they also appreciate the time, talents and skills you have to share. Nonprofits in Oklahoma certainly won’t turn away anyone who wants to help their causes.

Consider the following pages a guide to giving. Each year, the Social Datebook provides information on how to give to nonprofits and ideas and inspiration for improving those gifts. This year’s edition provides just that, along with a handy schedule of nonprofit events held throughout the year. Whether you’re in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, there are plenty of opportunities to give and events to attend to support a wide range of causes. Flip through the pages, and highlight a few key events that you’re looking forward to this year. These fun galas, cocktail parties, competitive races and even trivia nights are a great way to meet new people, sample great food and have a lot of laughs, all in the name of a good cause.

I hope you will make the most of the information contained in Oklahoma Magazine’s 2016 Social Datebook and use it as a starting point to give more than ever.

Vida Schuman
Publisher and Founder