Faces of Oklahoma 2018


The Face of Innovative Health Insurance


Trust. It’s what drives GlobalHealth’s mission to deliver the best healthcare coverage in the industry. From its leaders to employees, the commitment to providing affordable and effective health coverage to Oklahomans is clear. GlobalHealth is a health maintenance organization with an innovative approach to care, focused on member outreach and care management. GlobalHealth believes in comprehensive member engagement to earn the 

Left to right: Tayla Harris, David Thompson, Nancy Reed, Dee Delapp, Scott Vaughn. Photo by Simon Hurst

satisfaction and confidence of those it serves. The company is redefining the way members engage with their insurance provider by using a predictive analytics model that has proven effective in reducing the number of emergency room visits, admissions and re-admissions. This translates to reduced premiums and cost shares to their members.

GlobalHealth offers competitive benefits to Oklahomans who need it most. The company serves Oklahoma educators and state employees, Medicare Advantage members and federal employees. 

GlobalHealth is truly an Oklahoma staple – and its employees capitalize on their regional knowledge to help members find solutions that go beyond standard healthcare options. 

“Our member outreach program helps close ‘care gaps,’ which helps reduce emergency room and hospital admissions,” said Scott Vaughn, GlobalHealth president and chief executive officer. “This results in improved health outcomes that can be measured. We invest in proactive and preventive care so our members can have better overall health outcomes and our products remain more affordable.”

Also joining Vaughn in the company’s leadership team are Dee Delapp, senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer; Tayla Harris, senior vice president and chief financial officer; Nancy Reed, senior vice president and chief compliance officer; and David Thompson, senior vice president and chief operating officer.


Headquartered in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.