Prepping for Your Perfect Day

Wedding experts weigh in on how to keep the planning period tension-free.

Photos by Chris Humphrey Photographer.

The word “stress” often goes hand-in-hand with the process of wedding planning, and this pressure can truly dampen the mood of what should be a blissful time in life. With caterers to account for, flower arrangements to pick and wedding cakes to test, a lot of the fun can be lost in the chaos. But there’s an antidote to the madness: a bit of organization goes a long way to make the journey just as fun as the destination. Some of Oklahoma’s wedding experts offer advice on creating a stress-free planning period.

Finding the Space

Whether it’s a traditional church, dazzling beach, swanky downtown loft or cozy home, the venue of the wedding sets the tone for the whole affair and should be reflective of the union between the couple. Questions abound on all the