Levels and Evens

By Elizabeth Downing, photo courtesy AHHA Tulsa.
By Elizabeth Downing, photo courtesy AHHA Tulsa.

Jan. 6-Feb. 19 – AHHA Tulsa

From ahhatulsa.org: Anyone who’s ever marveled at the wide Oklahoma sky on a blue and cloudless summer day or the vibrant orange of a maple tree in autumn will recognize that sense of wonder at Elizabeth Downing’s exhibit Levels and Evens. Downing uses thousands of colored fabric leaves in four hanging mobiles representing the seasons. The leaves dangle on delicate threads and can be seen swaying gently with air currents, the inspiration of which was the ubiquitous Oklahoma redbud tree. In fact, the one standing outside Downing’s bedroom window was the starting point for this exhibition. A series of wall-hanging pieces more specifically explore the changing washes of color in more formal, scientific grids. Visit ahhatulsa.org for details.


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