Arabian Nights

Photo by Howard Schatzberg courtesy Arabian Horse Association.
Photo by Howard Schatzberg courtesy Arabian Horse Association.

Experience the magic of Arabian horses at the U.S. National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show’s 50th anniversary, trotting into Tulsa Oct. 20-29.

“You can expect great horses doing what they do best. The atmosphere is electric with excitement,” says Mikayla Boge, marketing specialist at the Arabian Horse Association. “Exhibitors have worked really hard to get here, and this show determines who receives the coveted red rose blanket.”

This rose blanket is the Arabian Horse Association’s equivalent to a gold medal. The victors receive this blanket and take a lap around the ring to celebrate.

“The rose blanket symbolizes that all [their] hard work and effort has paid off.”

The show also includes silent auctions, interactive tours with an up-close look at Arabian horses and a boot design contest.

The competition will be back at the Tulsa Expo Square for the ninth year running. For more details, visit


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