As We See It: The Murrah Memorial Fence Exhibition

Photo by Joseph Sohm /
Photo by Joseph Sohm /

Thru May 31

From – Photographs of the mementos left at the site of the Alfred P. Murrah Building following the 1995 bombing reveal the public’s expression of sorrow and pride for the 168 victims, their families, the survivors and those who assisted in the rescue effort. Attached to a chain link fence originally intended to keep people out of the bombing site, these mementos are collectively called “the Fence.” Included in this wall-hanging exhibit is a series of text panels that explore the photographs and the bombing in the words of the photographers. A section of the Fence remains as part of the people’s memorial and As We See It is a personal segue to the more formalized and permanent memorial park and depicts only a small portion of the mementos left on the Fence.