Junior League presents Jillian Michaels


The Biggest Loser’s, biggest winner.

Photo by FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com
Photo by FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com

Sun., Jan. 31

If you’ve seen the NBC hit show The Biggest Loser, then you know the hard-hitting Jillian Michaels. If you don’t recognize Jillian, you should know that she is America’s toughest trainer and one of the most inspiring people on television. As a motivator, Michaels is able to connect with her audience through her own journey towards health and wellness. Before she inspired millions through her television shows, books and web site, Michaels struggled with her own weight. And through dedication and hard work, she conquered her weight loss goal. Sun., Jan. 31, the Junior League of Oklahoma City brings a new healthy event to Oklahoma as they present Jillian Michaels as the first speaker of Speaker in the City. For more information, visit www.okcciviccenter.com.