Egg It On

Photo by Natalie Green.
Photo by Natalie Green.

The one word to describe Egg It On in Broken Arrow is big. Big plates and big hearts are what owners Dale and Sue Lowe are serving up six days a week. From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday, you can find one or both owners keeping an eye on their seven year venture. After years of wanting his own restaurant, Sue finally told Dale, “Why not!” and their ranked-number-one on Trip Advisor restaurant was born. Egg It On prides itself on its incredibly diverse menu, as well as its Cheers atmosphere. Regular customers have been important to the success of the business, so much so that several suggestions have made it onto the menu. Favorites from the made-fresh menu include enchiladas, mini-omelets, mini-parfaits and onion rings (battered and fried when ordered). If you are planning on a weekend visit, show up early as the line can run out the door, or go on a Friday and take advantage of Free Cookie Friday’s fresh baked cookies. 1131 S. Aspen Ave., Broken Arrow.