Mt. Eden

 by Administrator and Nehemiah Israel
Courtesy of Cain’s Ballroom.
Courtesy of Cain’s Ballroom.

Thurs., Dec. 17

Get a taste of dubstep as New Zealand group Mt. Eden performs at the Cain’s Ballroom. At first, members Cooper and Rayner mostly produced hip hop music, but decided to instead make dubstep music after witnessing dubstep pioneers Benga and Skream perform at a New Zealand festival. In 2010, the dubstep duo released their first official project titled Meds EP. The EP received a warm reception by fans with “Sierra Leone,” a remix of “Freshlygrounds” being a fan favorite. Mt.Eden’s youtube page has garnered millions of views for their video “Sierra Leone.” The Cain’s Ballroom will be filled with pumping fist and smiles when this duo performs. For more information, visit