Birds In Art

Angels in the sky.

Courtesy of Gilcrease Museum.
Courtesy of Gilcrease Museum.


From their elongated wings, feather embroidered bodies and their ability to take flight; birds are an intriguingly majestic animal. Birds in all of their majesty and fragility connect us with the natural world. Heralding each sunrise, these harbingers of seasonal and environmental change routinely elicit attention and admiration. The world’s most talented artists are inspired by birds and strive to be amongst the greats chosen for the internationally renowned Birds in Art exhibition. In its 40th year, the exhibition, features 123 artists’ original works that celebrate the avian brilliance through alluring paintings, sculptures and graphics. Art featured in this renowned exhibition feature a diverse array of birds grooming, resting, engaging in mischievous behaviors and more. Take flight to the Gilcrease Museum to see this mesmerizing exhibition. For more information, visit