The Greenbelt Meridian


Art for a cause.

Photo courtesy Hardesty Arts Center.
Photo courtesy Hardesty Arts Center.

Opens Saturday, July 18 –

Featuring Tulsa artists James and Yiren Gallagher, The Greenbelt Meridian exhibition is inspired by the movement and mystical sounds of invisible animals on the edge of a wooded darkness. The two artists use art to campaign for the return of a piece of land back to nature, and they have set out to use art to create a great circle around the world, hence the Greenbelt Meridian project. In the past year, the artists have retraced the first Civilian Conservation Corps’ shelterbelt and visited sections of the 100th Meridian. The 100th Meridian passes through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. In the U.S., the meridian marks the divide between the precipitation-rich eastern side of the country and the dry, western part of the country. James and Yiren encourage visitors of the exhibit to respond to and participate in the work in progress by bringing canned goods, purchasing ceramic cantaloupes or supporting the artists’ campaign for a national monument in Oklahoma. Opening Saturday, July 18, Greenbelt Meridian will be on display in the Main Gallery of the Hardesty Arts Center through Sept. 6. For more information, visit