Charlie Daniels Band


The devil is going to be a long way from Georgia.

Photo courtesy Frontier City.
Photo courtesy Frontier City.

Friday, July 3

Bruce Brown, Chris Wormer, Charlie Daniels, Pat McDonald, Charlie Hayward and Shannon Wickline make up the Charlie Daniels Band – a group led by the impeccable Charlie Daniels himself, a man that reverberates rock, country, bluegrass, blues and gospel into one genre. Like any artist of his era, Daniels joined the industry at the heels of Elvis Presley’s success, who’d eventually record “It Hurts Me,” a song Daniels co-wrote in 1964. After lending his talents to other acts, including as a session guitarist for Bob Dylan, a producer for Youngbloods, a touring act with Leonard Cohen and a performer on Al Kooper’s records, Daniels broke into the industry with his own record in 1973: Honey In The Rock. Six years later, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” arrived on the airwaves, and Charlie Daniels’ legendary career as a musician found its roots. In 2008, he celebrated 50 years of music with an induction into the Grand Ole Opry, and today he continues sharing his talents with his fans. Making a stop on Friday, July 3, the Charlie Daniels Band will entertain Frontier City. For more information, visit