At Its Core, Superb Treatment


An expanded orthopedic practice focuses on providing quality service to Oklahoma’s rural population.

The Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence is located in Jenks. Photo courtesy CORE.
The Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence is located in Jenks
Photo courtesy CORE.

For those who come to Tulsa for treatment at The Orthopedic Center (TOC), patient service is about to get even more accessible.

Dr. Yogesh Mittal, Dr. Greg Holt and the physicians of TOC are collaborating with Bristow Medical Center to open the Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Excellence (CORE) this summer in Jenks, likely later this month. The physicians involved saw a need to provide not only the very best in state-of-the-art patient care, but to include and even emphasize a factor often lacking in a medical setting: patient service.

When asked about the inspiration for founding CORE, Mittal says the patient service issue has been much on his mind, and providing outstanding service is at the top of the wish-list.

“The physicians of TOC saw a desperate need to support medical care in rural Oklahoma,” says Mittal. “Patients often have to drive hours to see us, and this facility, in conjunction with the Bristow Medical Center, allows us to support rural health care.”

We’re excited about this project because it means the physician has a much larger say in the decision-making and in helping to structure the process to treat the patient.

In a busy hospital, when providing many levels and types of medical treatment, too frequently there are miscommunications or delays in patient care. The idea for CORE is to prevent such glitches and to provide superb patient service along with superlative medical care so that the patient has an optimal and smooth experience before, during and after his or her treatment.

“Large hospitals are fine. But sometimes the service just isn’t at the standards that we would like for our patients. Sometimes, in that busy atmosphere, a ball gets dropped, and someone’s comfort is compromised,” says Mittal. “In this specialized model, we can emphasize service. Everyone on staff – every technician, every nurse, everyone there – has been coached to understand that this is a different concept in that the patient must be happy and have their needs met. That is where it both starts and ends – with service – and the understanding that service and care are not two separate things.”

Jan Winter-Clark, CEO of Bristow Endeavor LLC, which oversees CORE and the Bristow Medical Center, is a co-owner of the organization and says her group became involved to bring in the full hospitalization factor and organizational expertise to the project.

“We’re excited about this project because it means the physician has a much larger say in the decision-making and in helping to structure the process to treat the patient,” says Winter-Clark. “You can provide the best quality of care but provide terrible service as far as being attentive to the patient. CORE will have a focus on the patient’s entire experience, including making the family comfortable and, when they leave the facility, making sure the patient is informed and armed well to go back into their daily lives. We see this as a hotel-like experience in terms of service.”

The physicians of TOC, led by Mittal, Chalkin and Holt, are of the very highest caliber, she says. Another exciting factor is bringing service and skills of this level not only to urban patients, but in helping the doctors rotate through rural communities to care for an underserved segment of Oklahomans.

Upon entering the well-lit and attractive CORE facility, a patient ambassador greets the patient and their family and escorts them to the appropriate locations, including registration and the surgery center. The ambassador also makes sure the family waiting in the preoperative area is comfortable. The facility will cater to both inpatient and outpatient orthopedic services with physical therapists and rehabilitation.

Orthopedic procedures performed will include work on hips, knees, elbows, hands, sports medicine-related issues and some robotic-assisted surgeries complete with state-of-the-art computer navigation. All durable medical equipment, including bracing, wheelchairs, crutches and walkers, will be arranged onsite and to each patient’s specific needs.

CORE is for everyone regardless of type of payment method, says Mittal. CORE accepts all insurances, unless it is not on the patient’s plan. Future goals include partnering with area hotels for outpatients and in-patients’ families to stay for easy access to the facility.