Nico & Vinz


The makers of the most Shazamed song worldwide.

Photo courtesy Cain’s Ballroom.
Photo courtesy Cain’s Ballroom.

Friday, May 8

Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery make up the world-renowned duo hailing from Oslo, Norway. Inspirational music that brings powerful and hopeful messages to its listeners’ ears has earned the two a faithful fan following. Nico & Vinz debuted in 2010 and have since found fame through their music, performances and videos, having more than 60 million views on YouTube for their “Am I Wrong” music video. At the end of 2013, they performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert, and in early 2014, Nico & Vinz received the European Boarders Breakers Award (EBBA). Just over a year ago, when “Am I Wrong” found itself on American radio, it became the No. 1 most added record at the Top 40/mainstream format with 90 adds. On Friday, May 8, the ambitious, moving, inspirational and talented Nico & Vinz will perform at Cain’s Ballroom. A show worth being a part of, tickets range from $20 to $35. For more information, visit