Herb Day in Brookside


Everything you need for this year's garden and more.

Photo courtesy Herb Day in Brookside.
Photo courtesy Herb Day in Brookside.

Saturday, April 11

Every year, the parking lot at 41st and South Peoria becomes a plant and gardener lover’s paradise with booth after booth of garden goodies. Brookside’s annual Herb Day draws the avid pro gardeners as well as the inquisitive newcomers, both exciting about digging in the dirt and beautifying their gardens this spring. With some great vendors lined up for 2015, find everything you need for this year’s garden and more. Thousands of Oklahoma-grown plants, veggies, flowers, products, wine and much more will be at your fingertips. Saturday is supposed to be a beautiful day, so spend it outside on Brookside, then take your findings home to begin or put those finishing touches on your garden. Get out their before noon, and you’ll enjoy Coyote Hill Bluegrass as they entertain the crowd with outstanding talent. For more information, visit www.brooksidetheplacetobe.com.