Murder for Two


Only takes two to solve this musical mystery.

Photo courtesy Lyric Theatre.
Photo courtesy Lyric Theatre.

Thru April 12 –

It only takes two actors and a grand piano to command the stage for this big musical comedy. After a writer is killed, small-town Officer Marcus Moscowicz, who has high hopes of becoming detective one day, throws himself into the case, hoping it will land him his dream job. Everyone he runs into, the writer’s wife, a prima ballerina and a psychiatrist, are suspects, and even better, all the suspects are played by the same actor. While music and madness intertwine with the investigation, Moscowicz will race the clock, trying to uncover the killer before the real detective he’s standing in for gets back. This award-winning production, a fun, dead-on portrayal of the murder mysteries of the old days, will be killing audiences with laughter in Oklahoma City through April 12. Lyric Theatre’s stage, 1725 NW 16th St., will become the scene of the crime, and WhoDunit? will be the leading question the next 90 minutes. Tickets start at $25. For more information, visit