Corpus Christi

Photo courtesy Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall.
Photo courtesy Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall.

Opens Friday, March 20

Presented by OKC Theatre Company, Corpus Christi, a passion play published in 1998 by Terrence McNally, parallels the story of Jesus and the Apostles through the telling of a young gay man named Joshua. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Joshua finds himself isolated and alone, an outsider because of his homosexuality. In an effort to find a more welcoming community that uplifts rather than persecutes, Joshua leaves his hometown, finding faithful friends and followers on a journey that spreads the message of love and tolerance. What has been a somewhat controversial production over the years, Corpus Christi has received praise from many communities that welcome its relevance and perspective. In a 2008 review, The New York Times said it was “fragile, heartfelt” and includes “moments of hard-won sentiment that will win over the biggest skeptic.” Bringing a visual story to the gay community, which in 1998 struggled for inclusion, Corpus Christi was controversial but revolutionary – giving the topics of homosexuality and marriage equality alongside faith a stage and platform. The play’s revival on stage in the past 5 years has seen a lot less controversy than its predecessors, shedding light on shifting perspectives. The play is set to open Friday, March 20 at Oklahoma City’s Civic Center Music Hall and will continue through April 4. For more information, visit


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