Chase Bryant


Music is what he’s made of.

Photo by Justin Nolan Key.
Photo by Justin Nolan Key.

Saturday, March 21  

Music is in Chase Bryant’s blood; his grandfather played piano for Roy Orbison and Waylon Jennings and his uncle co-founded Ricochet, and all Bryant has wanted to do since he was young is follow in the same footsteps. Early musical influences of Bryant’s include Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Tom Petty and Vince Gill. Raised in Orange Grove, Texas, Bryant grew up loving the old, classic sounds and has recently found a foothold in mainstream country. His influences have guided his talents, and his creative artistry has made him a contender in the industry. Melodies and lyrics found a way of escaping Bryant’s mind, finding themselves on paper and in tracks he self-built in his closet on Guitar Center products – a detail that would eventually cause Benny Brown, founder of BBR Music Group Red Bow Records, to give Bryant a chance to co-produce his debut album. What Bryant loves most about playing music is connecting with his fans. “We’re all fans,” he says. “We’re all friends. And the music is our connection.” His music, which speaks to following your dreams, heartbreak and having fun, easily connects with others. At 22 years old, Bryant is doing just what he dreamed of as a child and continues to gain momentum and fans with each stage he lands on. On Saturday, March 21, his music will fill Diamond Ballroom. For more information, visit