Brian Posehn


Cuts through comedy clutter.

Thursday, March 12

Photo by S_Bukley /
Photo by S_Bukley /

Brian Posehn has a dry, almost monotone voice, a memorable characteristic that adds to his bald and bearded look and perfected comical timing – attributes distinguishing him from other comedians and putting an exclamation at the end of his punch lines. A talented comedian, as well as actor and writer, Posehn uses relevant, imaginative and unique tactics that break through comedy clutter. Among his classic stand-up numbers, his humor has found its way onto a long list of popular shows including The Sarah Silverman Program, Comedians of Comedy, Mr. Show, Just Shoot Me, Seinfeld, NewsRadio, Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends. The big screen has welcomed him onto The Devil’s Rejects and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, among others. He put his comedy onto the pages of The Last Christmas, his first graphic novel that released back in 2006, and he’s written episodes for multiple television programs. You may even recognized him from his brief, yet hilarious, appearance in Californication; I won’t mention his character’s unfortunate condition. This funny man will take the Academy of Contemporary Music’s stage, at the University of Central Oklahoma, on Thursday, March 12. The show will begin at 8 p.m. For more information, visit