Beau Jennings


His roots are in Oklahoma.

Photo Courtesy Woody Guthrie Center.
Photo Courtesy Woody Guthrie Center.

Saturday, Feb. 7

With strong, hometown memories, Beau Jennings’ music speaks to his Oklahoma roots and echoes the life and sounds of the Oklahoma great, Will Rogers, a musical hero of Jennings’. Wanting to document his own music and its creation – the result Jennings new would be a great deal because of his search to “find” Rogers – Jennings recruited director and friend Bradley Beesley to film the journey. In the documentary, The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers, Jennings’ music covers the scenes of Rogers’ life. As Jennings and Beesley travel the country, stopping anywhere that Rogers’ spirit remains, Jennings writes and re-writes lyrics, many times changing the words or the tune when coming face-to-face with Rogers’ past. “The resultant songs are cloaked in heavy atmosphere, conjuring a world part remembered and part imaged,” says a Jennings biography – a tale of curiosity, adventure, finding and talent. Jennings’ new album, The Verdigris, with the songs he made on the road to find Rogers, was released on Jan. 27, and can be heard at any one of his upcoming shows in Oklahoma. From now thru May, Jennings will play in Tulsa, Norman and Oklahoma City, each twice. Catch him Sat, Feb. 7 at The Woody Guthrie Center, 102 E. Brady St., Tulsa, or travel to a show in a neighboring city. For more information, visit or