Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!

The traveling exhibit arrives in Tulsa.


Photo courtesy COco, LLC.
Photo courtesy COco, LLC.

Opens Wednesday, Feb. 4

A new traveling exhibit out of GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles is touring the country and will make an early stop on its tour at Woody Guthrie Center, the first museum in the country affiliated with GRAMMY Museum. That exhibit: Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles. This year marks the 51st anniversary of The Beatles’ arrival in the U.S., and the huge impact the band had on the music and culture of the time is examined within the exhibition. The Woody Guthrie Center strives, through its exhibits and events, to show how music has influenced the world, and this new exhibition, opening Wednesday, Feb. 4, fits well inside that goal. “As social history, Beatlemania turned America upside down, inspiring new ideas in music, fashion, art, literature, film, even politics. Little in America was untouched by The Beatles in the 1960’s,” says curator Bob Santelli, Executive Director of the GRAMMY Museum. Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles began its tour last year at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and will continue to travel the nation through the summer of 2016. Don’t miss it as it stops in Tulsa for a limited time only. For more information, visit