Great Feats of the Wedding Table


Southern Gentlemen Barbecue & Catering

Photos by Dan Morgan.
Photo by Dan Morgan.

When tasting the barbecue stuffed chicken bomber from Southern Gentlemen Barbecue & Catering, focus on the explosion of flavor in every bite.

Always looking for new takes on culinary traditions, Southern Gentlemen offers the Cajun shrimp and grits martini, an inventive kick on a Southern favorite.

Polo Grill

Photo by Dan Morgan.
Photo by Dan Morgan.

Never to be outdone, Polo Grill serves up seared scallops with roasted red pepper coulis and jalepeño poppers – a carousel of surprising flavors, texture and fun.

Aila’s Catering Kitchen

Photo by Dan Morgan.
Photo by Dan Morgan.

On the sweeter side of Aila’s Catering Kitchen, delicate fruit tarts topped with fresh kiwi, citrus and a berry assortment are paired with Bailey’s Irish coffee and doughnut holes

Beef Wellington – a beef filet coated in a blend of exquisite ingredients before it’s all wrapped in puff pastry and baked – is an extra special deluxe dish in richly flavorful bite sizes that are easy and fun to serve to many guests.

The Vault

Photo by Dan Morgan.
Photo by Dan Morgan.

The Vault’s fried chicken and waffles sandwich is more than a mouthful of buttermilk-breaded and fried chicken breast stacked atop fresh veggies between two sections of a homemade waffle. Yep, that’s gourmet bacon on top!

The deviled eggs with salmon is a playfully decadent spin on a party favorite with beet-rich color and a smoky dollop of thin-sliced salmon.

Palace Café

Photo by Dan Morgan.
Photo by Dan Morgan.

The grilled rosemary salmon skewers from Palace Café are perfection of color, aroma, texture and flavor for the most refined palates and wedding receptions.

Don’t expect the usual suspects on the grilled vegetable skewer. This tasty hors d’oeuvre includes gently roasted zucchini, peppers and fruity chanterelle mushrooms.

The grilled scallop with tomato chutney on top of a slice of Yukon gold potato is the height of creative eating.


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