ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships


Not-so-gently up the stream.

Photo by Vadim Lishchuck.
Photo by Vadim Lishchuck.

Wednesday, Sept. 24-Sunday, Sept. 28

Some see canoing as a leisurely activity to fill vacation hours on the lake. To others, it’s a full-on sport filled with action and passion for the race. In a few weeks, Oklahoma City will be witness to the best – the Boathouse District is host to this year’s International Canoe Federation Canoe Marathon World Championships and Pan Am Champions (Sept. 25-28). At the same time, the ICF Canoe Marathon Masters World Cup (Sept. 24-25) will be at stake. What it means for Oklahoma is that hundreds of world-class canoe and kayak athletes from more than 30 countries will settle in for a long weekend of serious competition, which sits well for Oklahoma City as it continues to build its reputation as a state-of-the-art site for water sports. For spectators new to canoe marathon racing, the excitement will become apparent as athletes paddle a lap, charge onto the dock and sprint over land with their boats before returning to the water for another lap. Need more excitement? The Paddlefest Dragon Boat Festival takes place Sept. 27. For more, visit www.boathousedistrict.org.