Warren Duck Club

Tenderloin bites at Warren Duck Club. Photo by Natalie Green.
Tenderloin bites at Warren Duck Club. Photo by Natalie Green.

More than 25 years ago, the Warren Duck Club in the Doubletree Hotel at Warren Place was known as a byword for Tulsa elegance and glamour. It was a place for suits and evening gowns, and it was the place to celebrate the most memorable, happiest occasions. You’d be rich, indeed, if you could collect all the diamond-studded engagement rings secretly conveyed over the years in the pockets of future grooms and presented somewhere between the duck and dessert to a tearful, soon-to-be-bride. Step into that subdued-yet-tasteful decor today – its sleek wood panels and softly gleaming Deco-design brass trim – and you will find its luster undimmed and the food better than ever. The service, too, is as attentive and gracious as in days of yore (in fact, you may be served by the very same waiter who took your order decades ago). A few things have changed to keep up with the times. Jacket and tie are no longer de rigueur, and the menu was redesigned and expanded a few years ago to offer halibut, pork chops, rib eye and salmon. But most people still prefer the longtime favorites: Blackened beef tenderloin and the eponymous specialty, Namesake Rotisserie Duck. 6110 S. Yale Ave. 918.495.1000


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