The creators of Evita didn’t need artistic license to create an interesting story. The biography of Eva Peron has enough drama, celebrity and epic myth for London’s West End, Broadway and the Greek stage combined. What they could do is give their heroine a climactic song to sing before her fellow Argentines at a moment that has now become legend. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music and Tim Rice’s lyrics are never as emblematic as when given to an actress wearing a blonde chignon standing on a balcony with outstretched arms. “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” even worked for Madonna.

LOOK Musical Theatre opens its summer season of productions with the musical of Argentina’s favorite First Lady and her rise to fame and power. LOOK skips the Gilbert & Sullivan this year for three contemporary productions. Also look for The Light in the Piazza and Trouble in Tahiti at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Evita opens the season, which runs through July 10. www.looktheatre.org


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