Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals


Begins Tuesday, Jan. 14

Midget car racing is a big event in Tulsa. The Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals brings hundreds of midget car racers and legions of racing fans to town every year for the indoor run at Expo Square, 4145 E. 21st St. The best part is that drivers from other race car series get into the mix along with beginners and hopefuls. Where else can kids from Catoosa drive against NASCAR pros like Kevin Swindell? Swindell is the man to beat – he’s won this championship the last four years. The Chili Bowl opens Tuesday, Jan. 14, and runs through Jan. 18. Practices run most days beginning around 9 a.m. with races generally beginning at 6 p.m. Call 918.838.3777 for information on reserved seating and pit passes ($55-$240). For more, visit


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