Philharmonic Showcase


Names like Dvorak, Wagner and Ravel do not make it into your average daily conversation. When you’re talking about good live music, however, that changes. And, if you’re talking about the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, you’re talking about works of the great classical masters sounding as fresh and dynamic as their debuts. The 2010-11 season is about to make its exit, but not before the OKC Philharmonic presents its Philharmonic Showcase, May 21, at the OKC Civic Center Music Hall. Joel Levine continues into his third decade of leading the philharmonic with a steady hand and visionary’s aptitude. The night’s set begins with Dvorak’s Carnival Overture followed by Aaron Copland’s sweeping Appalachian Spring and Invitation to the Dance, the romantic waltz that began as a piece for piano by Carl Maria von Weber and was later orchestrated by Hector Berlioz. Ravel’s Bolero brings the program to a pinnacle for the finale and a bid to next season.
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