Ready for Prime Time

Editor's note: Read our followup story Westward-Bound Sooner to find out which NFL team Steven Parker will play for in the 2018 NFL season. Steven...

The Heart Sings

Sure, he’d already made plenty of it, giving us thousands of live performances, scores of original songs, and a good number of albums to...

Lift Your Spirits

Royal Wedding 2018: U.S. vs. UK Traditions

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day is finally near, making some Americans especially excited as the bride is from California. It has been seven...


White Haute

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The Lure of Living Downtown

Dynamism. Walkability. Simplicity. Those elements have drawn many young professionals, like Claire Spears and Brady Ballew, to the urban cores of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Spears and Ballew operate a coffee shop and yoga studio in...

Prepare for the Fallout

Many would be hard pressed to remember the last time a student had to participate in a nuclear incident drill (remember ducking under school desks?), especially since the end of the Cold War. But various...

A Marine With Mojo

Prep Away

Recipe Gallery

A Sommelier’s Method

In May the Force Be With Solo

Around Town This column is a success if it can convince one person to see a film in 35mm (projected from actual film stock, not...

May’s for Magnolias

Mosey down to Durant, the city of magnolias, the week after Memorial Day, and experience the Magnolia Festival. This family-friendly event, a staple since 1997,...

Big 12 Blowout

Big 12 Conference tournaments abound in OKC  – both the Phillips 66 Big 12 softball and baseball championships descend on the city in May. The...

A Shakespearean Tradition

Enjoy outdoor theater and a rich Oklahoma City tradition at Shakespeare in the Park’s first 2018 performance May 31-June 23. The company, founded in...

Closing Thoughts

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Ed Barth

J. Edward Barth, patron of the arts and humanities, is chairman of the board of trustees of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and a practicing lawyer as president of the Judicial Learning Center...

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