Young Brothers on a Quest

Determined to greet former President Theodore Roosevelt upon his return from an African safari in 1910, two young brothers from tiny Frederick straddled their...

Hot and Getting Hotter

The spectacular beauty and organic charm of the Land of Fire and Ice are surprising favorites for adventurers to the North Atlantic. Geysers, lagoons, waterfalls,...

Garden Upkeep in the Heat

You love summer, but you must admit, August is the cruelest month for your garden. Your plants gasp for cool breezes and beg for water....

More than a Headache

An Airy Oasis

Scene – July 2018

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

This year’s collection of 14 Oklahoma high school seniors – starting their university experiences in the fall – includes philanthropists, athletes, scientists, musicians ... and even a professional chef. They’ve all gone above and...

Preparing for College

As your child, or even you, prepare to enter the world of higher education, a multitude of questions arise. Which school? Which major? Should you minor? You must make decisions on paying for school,...

Fury Road

I don’t think I’m alone when I say: It seems like Oklahoma drivers are getting worse. Instead of expecting a blinker, I’m pleasantly surprised if someone signals to make a turn. It’s almost Old World...

Stir Away Sulfites

Sulfites are preservatives widely used in winemaking (and a majority of company-processed food) for their antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Sulfur dioxide prevents oxidization and...

Closing Thoughts

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Closing Thoughts: Rodolfo Quilantán-Arenas

Rodolfo Quilantán-Arenas has been the Mexican consul based in Little Rock, Arkansas, since June 2016. His coverage area includes 49 counties in Oklahoma, where tens of thousands of Mexicans live and work. He has...

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Countdown to Gathering Place - Sept 8

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