Ready for Prime Time

Steven Parker is a dreamer, and having his head in the clouds has served him well thus far. One of his biggest goals while at...

The Heart Sings

Sure, he’d already made plenty of it, giving us thousands of live performances, scores of original songs, and a good number of albums to...

Fiddlin’ Around for 50 Years

The sounds of bluegrass drift in the background as Oklahoma fiddle legend Byron Berline reflects on a career that has endured uncertainty. “I think you’re...

A Dromedary ‘Mayberry’

Rural and downtown evolutions mark how Perry has changed from just being known as the wrestling capital of Oklahoma and the home of Ditch...


White Haute

Home Security Options

Rise of Dental Implants

A Marine With Mojo

Prep Away

A Leap of Faith

Recipe Gallery

A Sommelier’s Method

Closing Thoughts

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Ed Barth

J. Edward Barth, patron of the arts and humanities, is chairman of the board of trustees of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and a practicing lawyer as president of the Judicial Learning Center and Museum of Historical Society of the U.S. District Court for Western Oklahoma. The Oklahoma...

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